27 March 2023

One event and a year of questions: Battle of the Brands Winner Update

By Jenn Wint

A recent in-person event pushed the vision to making Vancouver friendlier, 365 questions closer. Brand’s for Better Foundation’s Battle of the Brands winning concept, Hello Yello, is actively building their foundation. The current roadmap to a chattier city includes research, a website and a marketing strategy. The pilot project, launching this year, involves turning public spaces yellow as an invitation for connection, conversation and questions. 

Over the last four months, the team from Inbox Booths and Clear & Loud has built a team of 12 to bring the vision to life. Their recent event invited members of the community to join the Hello Yello core team and participate in creating 365 conversation-starting questions. Users of the spaces will access questions through QR codes at the designated Hello Yello spots, to spark both meaningful conversations and casual chit chat. 

Kelly Lamb and Josh Harris, Hello Yello founding members

“The response from event attendees was really exciting,” shares Kelly Lamb, Director at Clear & Loud and co-founder of Hello Yello. “People enjoyed supporting our project and creating together. An added bonus was that they met other amazing, like-minded Vancouverites.” 

Questions the group brainstormed included, when was the first time you tried something you knew you would probably fail at? and What’s your first conscious memory? 

The Brands for Better challenge, in October 2022, was to create an actionable strategy to reduce social isolation and loneliness. The Hello Yello team’s presentation to make Vancouver a friendlier city one conversation at a time through visually engaging spaces, wow’d the event judges. Yellow park benches shifting the mindset of Vancouverites, creating a worldwide movement of authentic, human interaction is exciting. Coloured paint sparking spontaneous conversations in accessible, inclusive and public spaces is inspiring.  

Using questions and ideas from their recent event, the team’s next milestone is to get their website live. Four volunteer teams: operations, marketing, volunteer coordination and events are excited and actively building out their concepts, bringing this colourful vision to life. For updates on Hello Yello and to get involved, connect with the team on Instagram @helloyelloclub

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