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Surviving a Global Pandemic & Uprising

by | Oct 17, 2020

Surviving a Global Pandemic & Uprising

It is time to check in with yourself. How are you, really?

Amidst a pandemic, the global Black activist uprising, a recession, and a myriad of other events in 2020, we find ourselves under pressure to create, engage, design, and perform. With all of this free time, you told yourself, I can now learn that new language, write that best-selling novel, or create that website I always wanted to make. It is okay if you have not done any of these things, or even anything at all. Because in the midst all of this, your mental health may have suffered. Depression, anxiety, grief, and loneliness may have crept in, whether it was here prior to 2020, or as a result of.

It is okay not to be okay. It is okay not to feel grounded.

The World Health Organization has acknowledged that stress and worry about Covid-19 are affecting us negatively.[1] Compounded and made more significant by the events happening around the world, and your own personal responsibilities, you may be experiencing feelings of fear and uncertainty. You may be questioning the state of the world, what is going to happen next week, next month, or even next year.

We are in a state of grief. Grieving lost lives, moments we did not get to experience, life events we have missed, and the frightening uncertainty of the future.

While each person has individual needs, there are some key tips that can help coping with stress, grief, and anxiety.

[1] World Health Organization, Mental Health and Covid 19:

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