At RIPPLE OF CHANGE, we are proud to work with writers from all over the world. We believe diversity and representation are deeply important, as well as freedom of expression, particularly for marginalized writers. While we edit all articles for clarity, grammar, length and fact-checking, the views presented in our articles are not necessarily representative of the views of the Founders.


As an emerging magazine, we rely on sponsors to support our work. As such, each print issue will feature several paid-for articles in which we have worked closely with a sponsor to tell their story and share their initiative. Our digital issue and website will also feature sponsored content. Sponsored content will always be clearly demarcated.

Our goal is to tell stories and share initiatives. As such, when we highlight the work our sponsors are doing, we are focusing on one small part of their expansive operations. By featuring their work, this does not mean we endorse or are even aware of everything they do.

Rest assured that it is in our best interest and the interest of our esteemed readers, writers and community that we endeavour to work with companies and organizations whose values are deeply aligned with our own.


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  2. RIPPLE OF CHANGE articles may not be edited, shortened or re-formatted in any way, without express written permission from the Editorial Director.
  3. RIPPLE OF CHANGE articles or issues may not be resold or redistributed without a prior agreement.
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