#StartARipple Action List

THE DIRTY TRUTH: Soil Contamination & the human cost

This list of action items was first printed along with article titled THE DIRTY TRUTH: Soil Contamination & the human cost in ROC Issue 03, pages 24 - 27. To submit resources relating to this topic, please send us an email.

Ways to help when time and resources are limited.

Food is medicine. FOLLOW experts in the industry such as Mark Hyman and the Food is Medicine Coaliton.

READ This is Your Brain on Food, a book about how to eat for your mental health and the fascinating science behind nutrition.

Tools for contributing when you have more time or resources

CONDUCT a soil test on the soil in your garden before planting anything.

PLANT native trees and plants in your garden.

USE organic, slow release fertilizers in your garden.

Options for ongoing and sustainable engagement.

SUPPORT the restoration of wetlands, to help facilitate Earth’s natural filtering processes.

JOIN a local streamkeeper or stewardship group and volunteer to remove invasive plants and monitor the health of ecosystems.

ENGAGE in a conversation. How is your body impacted
by the food you eat?

How You Can Help


Our actions define us.

Whether you can give five minutes, five dollars or five days, your actions contribute to a positive ripple of change. Find direct links to all resources listed in our magazine below. Join the movement today!

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