#StartARipple Action List

A breath in the ocean

This list of action items was first printed along with article titled A breath in the ocean in ROC Issue 03, pages 51-59. To submit resources relating to this topic, please send us an email.

Ways to help when time and resources are limited.

WATCH the video One World Breath by Tom Foster and Pawan Patil (feat. Bodhi, Craig Foster, Dr. Jane Goodall) directed and produced by Pawan Patil and SeaDragon Studios.

PICK UP the book Plastic Soup: An Atlas of Ocean Pollution an illustrated survey of how plastics are clogging our oceans.

CHECK OUT the non-profit Ocean Cleanup, which is scaling technologies to help clean up oceans. Visit their website to learn more or donate.

Tools for contributing when you have more time or resources

REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC USE. Stop using single-use plastics. Bring reusable shopping bags with you. DON’T PURCHASE laundry detergent that comes in giant plastic bottles. See alternatives on our website.

VOTE on issues that affect our oceans. Check out Just One Ocean to learn more
about issues such as overfishing, habitat destruction, and more.

Options for ongoing and sustainable engagement.

VOLUNTEER with an organization that conducts local beach cleanups or organize one yourself.

SUPPORT OR DONATE to conservation not-for-profits and Indigenous-led climate
organizations like Take 3, Greenpeace, Oceana Canada, Honor the Earth,
Indigenous Climate Action, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, or
Ocean Legacy. View a comprehensive list on our website.

ENGAGE in a conversation. What are you doing on a daily basis to reduce waste?

How You Can Help


Our actions define us.

Whether you can give five minutes, five dollars or five days, your actions contribute to a positive ripple of change. Find direct links to all resources listed in our magazine below. Join the movement today!

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