#StartARipple Action List

The Movement For Dance Inclusion

This list of action items was first printed along with article titled The Movement For Dance Inclusion in ROC Issue 03, pages 08-15. To submit resources relating to this topic, please send us an email.

Ways to help when time and resources are limited.

PICK UP BOOKS like Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia or Dancing In The Streets: A History Of Collective Joy to learn how you can feel more comfortable in your own skin.

LISTEN TO PODCASTS like the Affirmation Pod hosted by Josie Ong to learn how to silence your inner critic.

She’s All Fat: A Fat Positive Podcast, Food Heaven Podcast, and Living in this Queer Body.

Tools for contributing when you have more time or resources

SUPPORT body positive organizations like Body Confidence Canada

BODY POSITIVITY MOVEMENT — a good way to start is by following body positive accounts on social media.


Enam Asiama (@enamasiama)

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameis jessamyn)

Callie Thorpe & The Confidence Corner (@calliethorpe)

Lydia Okello (@styleistyle)

Rosey Blair (@roseybeeme)

Naomi Watanabe (@watanabenaomi703)

Options for ongoing and sustainable engagement.

ELEVATE your knowledge by taking courses like the ones offered by The Body Positive or The Fierce Fatty.

BE KIND TO YOUR OWN BODY. We’re often our toughest critics. AVOID COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. We are all unique.

ENGAGE in a conversation. Is there something your own body image has held you back from trying? Tag us on socials with #rocbodypositivity

How You Can Help


Our actions define us.

Whether you can give five minutes, five dollars or five days, your actions contribute to a positive ripple of change. Find direct links to all resources listed in our magazine below. Join the movement today!

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